Friday, August 15, 2008

The Count

After living in Australia for nearly 14 months, here's how many famed Aussie animals that I have seen in the wild:
  • kangaroos-0
  • koalas-0
  • emus-0
  • snakes-0
  • venomous spiders-0
  • scary-looking, but 'harmless' spiders-100s
  • water dragons-70ish
  • bush turkeys-100s
  • bandicoots-0
  • Tasmanian devils-0
  • whales-5
  • ibises-100s
  • possums-3
  • kookaburras-30 or so
  • platypuses-0
A pretty sad tally, huh?  Thank goodness for the Australia Zoo.


Spiderman said...

How can you be so sure that all of those spiders were harmless? :)

Danielle said...

If you want to see kangaroos, take a drive down Wacol Station Road someday around dusk. But I've been here three years and have only seen one koala in the wild.

The Prof said...

Thanks for the tip, Danielle. And I was told that I can drive out to Mt Isa to see some emus in the wild! Spiderman, I prefer to stay ignorant and assume there weren't any nasties in my presence...