Friday, July 6, 2007

Toowong: Home Sweet Home

Yes, we have a new home! Yesterday we received word that our application for a townhouse in Toowong was approved by the owner. We move in next Tuesday. Although the Queenslander in Paddington would have been nice, the location of this townhouse couldn’t be beat. We’ll be just two blocks from Toowong Village Shopping Center, which has a train stop and a CityCat landing nearby (the picture above was taken roughly a block from our new place). What’s more, my drive to work will be 5-10 minutes long. Our plan is to have Will go to a daycare facility two buildings away from where I work, and V. will take either the train or CityCat to work in the City a couple of days a week.

Speaking of V., she met with her new boss at the Mater Children’s Hospital yesterday. She loved the place! She already has her own office, although it will be several weeks before she will be able to work due to licensure issues. V. got a very good feeling about how psychiatry is practised here, and she is really quite happy about the arrangements for her job in particular. She’ll be working about 20 hours/week, and she’ll even be able to see private practice patients sometime in the future. She is really happy about the job.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the company of the Clarks. Ellen, the eldest girl, played in a tennis tournament this week at UQ, so I was able to watch a few of her matches. This afternoon V. is watching Ellen play doubles while I stay at home with a napping Will. This morning we had a long walk along the river from Southbank, across the Goodwill bridge (see picture above), through the Botanic Gardens, and finishing up at Queen Street Mall. We have probably walked more just in the past week than we did in the entire previous six months. And that’s a good thing.


Monica said...
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Monica said...

looks fantastic. I am so glad you guys are beggining to settle down. The home seems like a great place to start!!
I am jelous about the walking we have been walking here as well before we leave. I have not been feeling well in the last couple of days it makes me so nervous hopefully it will pass soon. I been just having to many cramps it is hard. today we are going to Jamestown RI for the weekend so at least we can get some vacation before we go back on the week of july 23, it will be pretty hard.

Love to you guys and best of luck. I wrote Vic a email last night.

Mooselet said...

I spent a lot of time at the Toowong shopping centre when we first moved to Brisbane. We lived in Auchenflower and were without a car for a good three months, so I'd take the train there and a taxi home with the groceries.

Nice to hear you're settling in.

Tors said...

Congrats on getting the townhouse! Sounds like an ideal location, too.

brett said...

Congrats on finding a place. The housing market here in Perth is a nightmare, thank goodness we are settled in for the next two years. As far as the price of things (e.g. the $200 high chair)...we have found some things to be extremely expensive in Australia. But given how much it costs to ship things here, it's really no wonder. Buy Australian whenever you can!

Mummy B said...

Congrats on your new home :) :) Toowong is a lovely area and you can't beat living 10-15 minutes from work! (well you can I guess...if you rented a place next door to work...but you know what I mean ;)

Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time walking around our beautiful city :) I'm jealous! We have to travel quite a bit further then you to get into Brisbane City so we don't get into Southbank unless its for a family birthday or have planned a big day out.

The Mater Children's Hospital is a fantastic hospital from the Mum of a patient's point of view ;) Great to hear V. is finding it a fantastic place to work as well!

Kwirkie said...

Hope your move to your new townhouse goes smoothly. Are you getting adjusted well? And when is your household items arriving? Sooo many questions.

Jason said...

Hey there, glad to see that you're thriving! Enjoyed seeing your first impressons, too. We're all fine up here. Ratatouille was good.

Lori Marino said...

Eric, Vic, and Will - so happy to hear that you are getting settled in a new home! Sounds wonderful and fun! Send photos of campus too!

Miss you!



P.S. Does Will have an Aussie accent yet???!! ;)

The Prof said...

Thanks for all the warm wishes, everyone!!

Lori--See my latest post.

And, Will's "Dada" already sounds a bit Aussie, but maybe it's my imagination!