Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

It's Independence Day back home. We're celebrating in Brisbane tonight with some Apple streudel for dessert (we couldn't find apple pie).

Still no permanent home yet. Landlords here like to have several applications to chose from, so we're waiting a few more days to hear the outcomes of two. We're hoping for a new townhouse in Toowong, or a classic Queenslander in Paddington, the latter being just a two blocks from our friends who are hosting us. We bought Will a new high chair today. The choices at the Baby Galore! store were a bit disappointing, and we had to shell out nearly $200 for one that was far inferior to our old one in the U.S. that we got for $60. We still have so much to buy, including a car, a TV, a DVD player, and some furniture.

For those of you in the States, I hope you enjoy the fireworks and the day off! And, just so it's clear, that's NOT the Australian flag pictured here...just a little political humor (or is it humour?).


kitten said...

Welcome! Finally had a chance to catch up with your blog and see ya'll made it here safe and sound. We are having American style ribs with Emeril's Essence since BBQ sauce here leave something to be desired lol. Take Care!

Mooselet said...

Hope you get the Paddington one - it's a great experience to live in a Queenslander.

Some of the baby stuff is so expensive - try the second hand shops or eBay. I got a high chair for Clive for just over $50 in top notch condition.

Happy 4th!!!

Tors said...

Happy 4th to you too!

Ugh, I know what it's like waiting for potential landlords to decide on your application. Living in a classic QLDer sounds like fun! Hope you hear from 'em soon.

$200 for a highchair - OUCH! I agree with Mooselet, go eBay or op-shops, or join your local Freecycle list and see what you can find.

Monica said...

All of our best! I guess you will learn a lot along the way. Have a great day!

The Prof said...

Kitten...where did you get Emeril's Essence (my, that sounds naughty!)--here in Oz, or was it something smuggled into the country?!

Mooselet...I have learned my lesson. I will try the secondhand shops in the future, but it's difficult to find the time right now to do a thorough shopping mission.

Tors...what are "op-shops?"

Monica...have you bought your plane tickets to Brisbane yet? :-)

darron said...

We are glad that you made it to the land down under in three pieces. Good luck with your home search. We will be praying for you. Love ya.

Mooselet said...

Op-shops are second hand shops or shops like LifeLine or Salvation Army (think Goodwill). I understand about the lack of time (believe me!) but once you're settled check them out. Also the Weekend Shopper in Saturday's Courier Mail.

MonkeySqueezins said...

Great fireworks and picnic--but now it's back to work. SC or I need to hear from you ASAP re an R03 submission due next week. Got email access still?

kitten said...

ah the Essence of Emeril! Lol! I made it, just google it and the recipe is here, there, and everywhere! Trust me, google anything followed by the awesome word "recipe" is just magic. Email me if you want some of the better sites, I have tons since I not only love to cook but have many cravings for american style foods that I must have a recipe to cook.