Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scent of the Past

I had an unexpected pleasure this morning as I walked to catch a ferry to work. I was making my way down a rather unremarkable street, when, all of a sudden, I smelled some flower or bush. I don't really know what it was (perhaps it was a wattle), but right then an image from 32 years ago came to mind. I had not experienced that scent since I walked along the Wollundry lagoon in Wagga Wagga to school. The connections between memory and smell are absolutely wonderful.


Brett said...

I'm starting to think that the best thing about Australia is location names, with most of the best ones (I assume) originating from the aborigenes. They just feel organic and Australian.

Jodi said...

Greetings, Eric!
Sounds like you are all off to a good start in your new home! I loved reading about your experiences!

Keep in touch!
Aunt Jodi :)

Anonymous said...

We are finally at hotatlanta, but happy tobe home. nausea continues and I hope it goes away soon. I am 13 weeks so that means hopefully they will deseapear soon. Irwins car is on the street in hope that NPR would come and pick it up someday. He's been helpful and he is very excited so we are trying to make some improvements to the house as we unpack!
I start the new school job in a week but I will try to make as much of this week cleaning!
Liefe and school look great in your end I am happy to red abouit you guys, lets try to call sometime soon let me know when you will connct your vonahes o I can assure I don't miss the call, send all my love