Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Just a quick note to say that I am back in Brisbane. However, I did experience a little "diversion" on the way from Los Angeles. Just after we crossed the International Date Line, the pilot announced that we were taking a "hard turn" towards Nadi, Fiji. It turned out that Brisbane was forecast to have heavy fog during our scheduled 6 am arrival, so that meant that we wouldn't have enough fuel if we were forced to circle around waiting for the fog to clear. Therefore, we had to land in Fiji to get more fuel! From my seat (three away from the window), I could see the country is beautiful, mountainous, and very green. It also looked sparsely populated. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to get off the plane during the refueling, so I wasn't able to see much more. Soon after we were airborne again, I used the plane's satellite phone system to call V. so that she would know I would be arriving three hours late.

Finally, when I got through customs at 10 am in Brisbane (they had to scan my bags because I declared my peanut butter), I walked out into the central arrivals area and heard a little scream of delight from my son. Will's face lit up when he saw me. I picked him up right away and he gave me a very tight hug, not letting go for several minutes. How wonderful! And, of course, V. was glad to see me too!

I'm home at last.


Mooselet said...

Was there fog in Brisbane this morning? Huh, I missed it.

Welcome back!

Darron said...

I am glad you back in your second home safely. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man-

Glad to see that you're doing ok. Of course you are, you're an easy going Midwesterner. No wonder you fit in. BTW, have you seen lots of S'porean students? They are known to matriculate where you are.

No big news here: it's autumn and the leaves are falling...


The Prof said...

As I suspected, there was NEVER any fog! There's a conspiracy there somewhere.

D-do you remember that we stopped over in Fiji in 1975?

Jason-yes, S'porean students are here, but I don't have any idea about how many. There are also many Indonesians, Filipinos, and SE Asians students around too.

Anonymous said...

You brought a smile to my face as I imagined my little nephew's voice and the vision of you holding him again at the airport. That's something that I can relate to with happy tears in the old eyes.


Anonymous said...

Okay I'll be the one to ask: why did you declare peanut butter?


I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

The Prof said...

Author, Australia has become very strict about passengers declaring ALL their food. They now scan nearly 90% of arriving luggage, and if you haven't declared any food they find, you get a fine.