Monday, June 18, 2007

Sleepless in Arkansas

(Don't you think the title of this post would be perfect for the sequel...Imagine, 15 years later, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are living in the same little town in Arkansas, but don't know it. One day, they each drive to the same Walmart in Benton, looking for a small alarm clock. As they reach for the last $3 special on the shelf, their hands touch...)

Yes, we are in Hot Springs Village, where my dad and his wife retired 12 years ago. We are also very tired this morning. Last night Will had a miserable night of tossing and crying, and V. & I paid the price. He hasn't slept nearly enough in the past three days, which is surely the culprit. The lack of normalcy is hardest on him. But what can we do? I drove him around the country roads for nearly two hours yesterday so that he would nap. At 2 am, V. was giving him a bath. We sang every song we could remember--including about ten rounds of "Yellow Submarine" (with all the verses). We haven't experienced anything like this with him in over six months.

For those of you have never visited this part of Arkansas, let me assure you that it is absolutely beautiful. It's full of rolling mountains, dense forests, lakes, and the occasional pasture that seems to pop out of nowhere. Of course, I'm trying to soak up all this American landscape, complete with chigger bites. But I'm also keeping an eye on the Brisbane rental market...


Jodi Sampson said...


I finally took some time to peruse your blog and look at all the pictures! I really enjoyed it --- you have certainly captured Will's life in pictures! You have quite the eye for a photo, I must say!
I hope your travels go better for all of you and that Will gets some sleep! I am sending you all much love! I wish I was there to wish you bon voyage! Please stay in touch!

Love and Hugs,
Auntie Jodi

kitten said...

Ahhh, Hot Springs. Poor Baby. i don't think it's lack of sleep but perhaps the atrocious humidity of that place. I spent (quite possibly) the most uncomfortable July 4th weekend there a few years ago and I felt like crying like a baby, too. At least we're freezing ovah heah, bring warm clothes!

The Prof said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jodi! And I hope we'll see you in Australia sometime soon!!

Luckily, Hot Springs Village is cooler than the surrounding area, kitten. The worst part was the chiggers. It took a few days for us to realize that we were bit really bad. V. had probably 50 bites on her, and we're still suffering their itchiness over a week later. And, no, Will did not get bit--yay!