Friday, June 29, 2007


Another brief entry, due to my being extremely tired and jet lagged…I am writing to you from our friends’ (the Clarks) home in Brisbane. We landed in Australia this morning at 6 am, after a fairly challenging trip. Will gave a long cry as the plane took off from LAX, and he pretty much had to sleep on my chest for most of the trip. We resorted to using Benadryl twice to keep him sleeping. Our real problem was that we had to manage eight checked bags, 4 carry-ons, a stroller, and a car seat (and Will, of course) as we negotiated the check-in procedures, customs arrival, and renting a car this morning. However, it took less than 45 minutes to get through the whole customs process in Brisbane, so we had a chance to drive to South Bank in Brisbane for a nice breakfast before arriving at the Clarks. Victoria and I opened up a checking account at Westpac this afternoon and deposited our traveller’s checks right away. Will is having an excellent time with Ellen (who turned 11 today) and Sally (who’s 8). Their mother, Fiona, is taking great care of us. Tomorrow we will look at some possible apartments/houses to rent. I am already scheduled to meet with my new Head of the school (equivalent to the department chair in the U.S.) on Monday morning at 9:30.

It’s amazing to think that we are now far away from everything (and nearly everyone) we have have know for so many years. But V. and I are both excited and happy. Although it was a bit chilly, Brisbane looked gorgeous in the morning sun when we arrived. We already feel that all the hassle and emotional upheaval we have experienced in the last four months was well worth it.


Kwirkie said...

YAY!!! Glad it wasn't too bad. I am not looking forward to going to Perth in Oct with 3 kids (8week old, 20 month old and 4 year old), carseats for all, carryon for all and god knows how many suitcases!! May have to hire help!
Keep us posted!

Mooselet said...

Huzzah!!! You're here! Sorry 'bout the cold and wind, it will get better.

Now I mean this next bit - when you're over your jet lag drop an email if there's anything you need, or just want to meet up, and I'll get that ball rolling.

Welcome to Brisbane!

Tors said...

Welcome to Oz, Prof & family! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to read that you have arrived safe and sound. We miss you already. We hope everyone is doing well let us know when you have a phone so we can call you.
WE are doing well babiesare doing the buggy dance but we are alldoing fine.
We love and miss you guys
Irwin and MonicA

Brett said...

Welcome to Oz. When we arrived at customs in Melbourne, we found that holding a screaming baby and lugging enough stuff for a large pack mule helped expedite the process. Of course, the car seat was useless once we got off the plane since it doesn't have the tether strap.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt V,Uncle E and cousin Will....we are happy that you traveled safely!!!! We love you!!! Ashley and Whitney

The Prof said... least, you're going to need one more adult to go with you. I hope that your husband can come back to accompany you!

Thanks for the welcome and the offer of help, Mooselet. We'll get in touch as soon as we have settled in.

Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone! I am really glad that we don't have to board another plane for many months.