Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Shopping List

I am flying to the U.S. in less than two weeks, so I am preparing a shopping list. Our fantasies of me wandering the aisles of Walgreens, Target, Baby Gap, the Apple Store, Kohls, or Borders ignore the reality of the greatly depreciated Australian dollar. Despite the depressing exchange rate, there are still plenty of things that are far cheaper or only available back in the States. Here's a preliminary list of things I'll be putting in my extra suitcase:
  • peanut butter (Jif or Skippy Extra Crunchy)
  • fabric dryer sheets (last year's supply is nearly exhausted)
  • clothes for Will
  • clothes for me (esp. shirts that can be put in the dryer)
  • Merrell shoes for V.
  • shoes for me
  • children's (and adult) vitamins
  • some recent novels (I haven't read a Grisham in a couple of years)
  • plastic bibs, forks, sippy cups and knives for Will
  • dental tape
  • a melon baller (?)
  • an EMS travel bag
  • a DVD boxed set of some old TV show (maybe)


Mooselet said...

Miss Thing is flying back in a couple of weeks and I will have a list for her as well. Aside from the usual Reese's and assorted foodstuff, I'm including Hanes socks for all the family. I can't get over how expensive socks are. Also various toiletries from WalMart.

Have you checked the BCC library for Grisham books? I buy very few books here either as they are expensive, so I rely on the library, eBay and second hand bookstores.

The Prof said...

Hey, they have Reese's at the lolly shop at UQ! And they are priced fairly reasonably.

I'll check the library for books...especially if we are to ever save some $$ for a house.