Thursday, April 10, 2008

Telstra is So Nice

Remember my earlier posting about that huge bill for our broadband service?  Well, I just received word from Telstra (BigPond) about my request to forgive those additional charges that I incurred when we went over our bandwidth limit:
Dear Eric,

Thank you for completing and returning the BigPond Request for Credit Form.

This email is to advise that your request for credit has been accepted.

BigPond will credit your account with a once-off amount of $ 673.67.
How nice is to receive sympathy for my stupid mistake from such a big corporation, huh?!  Thanks, Telstra!!


Tors said...


That's me falling over in shock as I read that Hell$tra actually credited someone money! And a really big amount, too!

Goodonya. :)

The Prof said...

Yes, even Telstra (or someone who works there) has a heart, Tors!

Anonymous said...

Inspired by your example, Eric, when I got a massive Telstra bill today I called and said it was too much and they agreed and chipped away at it, cutting it by about 25%!!!
They hadn't made a mistake and neither had I, but for various reasons my bill was humungous and they took pity on me.
Perhaps they are trying to improve their image which hitherto has been dreadful.