Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I’ve discovered that I need a routine. During the past week or so, our sleeping habits have gotten all out of whack. We haven’t been able to shop at the normal times. We haven’t seen anyone else. And I haven’t been blogging. Tomorrow I return to a nearly normal schedule, so perhaps finally I will be able to resume my regular blogging (and reading others’ blogs).

New Year’s Eve was quiet, but noisy. Australians seem especially crazy about big fireworks displays. We had the huge Riverfire display in Brisbane back in September. Then there were Christmas fireworks that lasted several nights. And last night there was a display at 9:00 (the family show) and another at midnight. We can see all these displays quite well from our upstairs veranda, so that’s where I was last night. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a build up on the television networks for the midnight countdown. Here in Queensland they showed us the Sydney and Melbourne displays on tape delay (they have D.S.T. down there). Will and V. somehow slept through all the noise, including the loud shouts from the party next door.

Oh, since I have become a self-designated Master Water Watcher, I should let you know that we have had showers nearly every day for a week, and they are forecast to continue for yet another. We may finally get some relief from the drought.


Danielle said...

Yeah, it's just not the same without Dick Clark. Wait, is he still alive? (Happy new year!)

The Prof said...

Happy New Year, Danielle. DC showed up on last year's coverage, I think, and it was quite sad seeing him after his stroke. Still, they could do so much more with the coverage here!!

Tors said...

Happy (belated) New Year to you too! I'm way behind on my blog-reading as well. :( I agree about the fireworks coverage here, that bimbo on Channel 7 made me long for Dick Clark (even post-stroke).

Here's to the rain, unfortunately I think y'all will need a whole lot more (or a cyclone) right over the dam for it to make any difference in the drought. :(