Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boys of Summer

V. has been in Melbourne attending a conference since Tuesday night, leaving me alone with the boy (and our temporary nanny on the week days) until tomorrow afternoon. Will has been just fine, but the toddler tantrums are more frequent now, and it sometimes feels like we're walking on a minefield in anticipation of the next outburst. I honestly don't see how single or stay-at-home parents do it all alone. I can only really manage basic household tasks when Will is in his high chair or taking a nap. On top of that, I would really like to finish this manuscript that I am working on, so I better keep this blog entry brief (Will just went down for a nap).

Today is the first day of summer, and also the beginning of the Aussie Christmas season. Starting today many families put up their Christmas trees (nearly every one is artificial) and some will even venture onto their roofs to string along some lights. It is difficult for me to get into the spirit of the season, as I don't have any of the normal cues to get me into the mood. I am afraid that we won't be sending out many Christmas cards this season, nor will my nieces get their gifts on time, as we didn't start early enough to compensate for the international mail. Maybe by next year I will have developed a stronger association of the holidays with the smell of sunscreen to keep me from becoming the Grinch.


Darron said...

Some days are definitely better than others with kids. I plan to use the internet to take care of Will's gift like you taught me.

Danielle said...

I received my packages from America five days from when my mom posted them. I'm counting on the return delivery being close to the same amount of time... otherwise my family will be getting their gifts late too! :)

Brett said...

Eric, we're having trouble catching the Christmas spirit too. I think this must be quite common when making the transition to new surroundings when the climate is distinctly different.

I love that picture of you and Will. You're words make me wonder how I'm going to cope with Elsa's toddler years. She's a very busy and determined young lady.

The Prof said...

Darron & Danielle, I know it's possible to solve these shipping problems. I'll get to work on it immediately!

Brett--at least you have the vegetable problem tackled! In most ways, it seems easier as Will gets older, but I also feel like I have to be so much more vigilant about everything now!

V said...

Welcome to my world, Eric. :) Jason is well into the terrible 2's and the tantrums are show-stopping, only thing that keeps us going is knowing that he'll eventually grow out if it (at which point it will be Ethan's turn, hehe!)

Yeah, Christmas in the summer is tough to get your head around at first... might be better next year. Have you thought of establishing any new traditions for the new country?