Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

In honor of my friends and family back in the United States, as well as the other American ex-pats living in Oz, I walked around the UQ campus today looking for a bush (or scrub) turkey to photograph for your viewing pleasure. We have many of these birds on campus, and every one of them makes a huge mess while they build their nests. Bush turkeys are a regular feature of life around Brisbane, but one hardly ever hears about them. And, no, you can't eat them, even if it is Thanksgiving.

In lieu of all our usual traditions, and especially because it was just another normal day of work, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the customary Old El Paso taco kit. Just look at the spread that awaited V. when I had finished cooking!

And for dessert we had an apple pie. Well, a very well cooked apple pie (originally found frozen at the supermarket). We still haven't figured out how to use the oven correctly...


Brett said...

I didn't miss Thanksgiving as much as I thought I would. I think it's the weather, or lack of football on TV. We were just thankful to have some family here. We grilled up some salmon.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Kwirkie said...

We are having what ever is in out cabinet for our Thanksgiving feast. Trying to clean out the refridgerator and cupboard. I would love to have the salmon or the tacos. We are had chicken wings and onion rings for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Heading over to my brother's for deep fried turkey. Not traditional and not exactly my favorite method of turkey preparation, but hey, I don't have to cook, just bring some wine. I am thankful to God for my family and wonderful friends (on whatever continent they are!).

Danielle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I forgot to post the greetings yesterday. We had a "traditional" meal with half of Hans's family last Friday. His sister did a big turkey and the whole works.

Last night we had just his brother and sister-in-law over for chicken, pumpkin & green bean casserole and focused more on the giving thanks part. It was lovely.

The Prof said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. Salmon, chicken wings,turkey, and a pumpkin & green bean casserole will have to be on our menu next year!