Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Exhibition Day!

August 15 is "People's Day" or Exhibition Day in Brisbane, a day set aside so that people can attend the Ekka. Ignoring the mid-week holiday, I went to work but found no one there and every shop on campus closed. A light rain was falling on students who were making their way to the ferry dressed like they were going to prom. I later learned that they were going to a special race day at Eagle Farm. People in their 20s going to watch a horse race in their nicest just don't see that where I come from!

Still no word on our container's journey at the port. We have now gone more than a month eating our dinner on beanbags.


Erin P. said...

I can't wait to go to this next year. It sounds just like the sort of thing I love.

Mooselet said...

The worst part about the Ekka holiday is that the kids get not one but two days off from school. If you live in a neighbouring council - I'm up in what's still known as Pine Rivers - those days may be different than Brisbane. Heaven help you if you have kids in different council areas then (as I do!).

I don't get the race thing either.

The Prof said...

Next year we will have to plan on just the right showbags to buy, Erin!

Oh, Mooselet, I hope that this year's 2-day holiday wasn't too much stress. And, just think, you have about another 5 weeks until the next LONG one!