Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Watch Out, Bill Bryson

I discovered a blog today that I am just crazy about. It's called "Audra's Australian Adventures," and it's written by an American ex-pat who moved to Sydney with her husband about four months ago. Audra seems to be some sort of biotech researcher, but her prose is some of the best I have read in the blogosphere. To whet your appetite, here's an excerpt from her entry about Australian politeness:
Here, school children ride public buses. If you should find yourself on a city street in the afternoon, your bus is sure to pick up a gaggle of chattering students adorned in their distinctive uniforms. (My favorite uniforms are the well-heeled boys of Monte Sant’Angelo Mercy College who wear black knee pants, long grey socks, black ties, and flat-brimmed straw hats fitted with a black and white striped silk band. In the winter, a crisp grey blazer is added to their ensemble.) Students are required to give up their seats for adults, and they do so with avid enthusiasm. When exiting the bus, each and every student shouts an emphatic “Thank you” to the driver, who politely disguises his annoyance with a grunty smile.
This is good stuff. It makes me wish we were getting on the plane tomorrow!


Audra said...

I am absolutely bursting with pleasure under your radiant praise. And to be compared favorably to Bryson moves me beyond expression. Indeed, I was reading a collection of his essays when I penned that particular entry, such is the chameleon quality of my writing.

From perusing your blog, I see that you are currently on the brink of massive upheaval. Are you presntly lingering in that uncomfortable limbo, where there is so much to do that you cannot seem to do anything at all?

More than anything, pack plenty of love and patience, for yourself as well as your pretty family. Know that you will be tired, scared, and remorseful, and simply recognize it as such, thus breaking the spell of those haggardly emotions (I'm reading Bronte currently).

Social Neuroscience sounds like lots of fun, and I think you will love the environment here for those sorts of pursuits. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but I intend to find out, since, purportedly, I work in the field of neuroscience as well...

Looking forward to hearing more about your impending adventures!

The Prof said...


Thanks for leaving a comment!! I hope that more discerning readers will find their way to your blog.

We are indeed finding ourselves in an uncomfortable limbo with so, SO much to do. I wish I had the ability to teleport to two months from today, when we will be heading up the Sunshine Coast to my first Aussie conference. But...I must first endure this ultimate stress while trying to keep my emotions from running wild.